#lockdownlove across borders

If you say lockdown, you say love. Real, compassionate, selfless love for your fellow peeps. The kind that can go through any wall and cross any border. Care to spread some #lockdownlove? Download your favourite posters, customise ‘em, stick ‘em to your window(s) and send your messages out into the world through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … you get the idea. Oh, and by the way, you rock!

want to say thanks?

This is me rooting for you from behind my window. Just because, well … you kind of rock.

treat someone to a little something-something

This is me sharing a little something with you. A perfect scone to gobble down when no one’s watching.

An online yoga session. A piece of pie. Or a just a few boredom-busting activities to keep your little ones happy. My treat.

feeling needy?

This is me letting you know I’m looking for something. Will you be my helping hero?

Reveal your superpowers by knocking on my window or dropping me a message.

say hi to a stranger

 Care to say hi? Give this window a gentle knock and I’ll return the favour.

cheer up a friend

This is me lifting your spirit from behind my window. Hang in there, (wo)man. You’ve got this.

questions or suggestions?